Every player can deposit up to 10 CS:GO items per deposit. The items have to sum up to at least 1.00. The placed sum influences the chance to win. Eventhough the winnerticket is picked randomly, you can increase your chance to win by having a bigger percentage of the round.
A MAXIMUM of 5% will be taken from jackpot winners with "WasteSkins.com" in their steam username and up to 7% without for further website development, give-aways and upkeep. If the smallest item in the pool already is worth more than 7% of the whole pool, we do not take any rake.
In the chat it is forbidden:
  1. To offend, humiliate and threaten other participants of the project
  2. To ask skins, to be engaged in begging
  3. To place any links which don't belong to service work
  4. To place advertizing links, to advertize and mention third-party services and communities on CS:GO
  5. To send spam and flood
  6. To post referral links and codes
  7. To be fake service administrator or moderator
  8. To imitate a nickname or an avatar of system messages
  9. To offer purchase, sale of skins and game values bypassing service Store
  10. To offer purchase, sale and boost accounts
  11. To send to a chat phone numbers, messengers, e-wallets
  12. To arrange conflict situations in the other language chat
  13. To communicate on political or religious subjects
  14. To show signs of racism and nationalism
  15. To propagandize drugs, alcohol, violence
  16. To offend and threaten service administration
Violators will be blocked on all chat channels for the period from 10 minutes to a permanent block. Chat Moderating is provided manually and automatically. Relocks duration increases on time automatically. The appeal of the received one week period Ban is carried out through tech support. Moderators have the right to delete messages or ban the chat participant without explanation.
Just like similar sites we provide a roundhash, winnerticket, and a secret (salt) for every round. Other sites describe this as a "Provability fair", which it not is. The only thing that it proves is that the winnerticket was generated on the start of a round, and not modified after. This is by no means a was to proof that the Winner wasnt "rigged", which is why we do not offer a "Verification calculator" on our site itself, since it would most likely in every case confirm the validness. The Hash is constructed like this:
(Without the brackets).
Since we work with a Ticketsystem, and a winning percentage to pick the winner, and the because the circle has subdivisions / because of rounding errors it is possible that theres small margins between whats displayed, and the reality. The animation is just there for entertainment, incase it displays something wrong, the correct winner can be seen in the Left column / Game history.