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Did you know?

Missing Winnings

If you missing any Winnings, you can resend it again. Click on your profile picture top right and then click on "Winnings (resend)". Alternative you can use the direct link

Missing Deposit (Tradeoffer Hash?)

Every Tradeoffer from us contains a Message for example "Deposit on, Hash: 24242XpYwcZ". You can check your Tradeoffer History in Steamcommunity or you can use this link.
The Tradeoffer hash is very important to find your correct Deposit on this Site.

Business Inquiries

For Buisness Inquiries please DON'T use this Support Ticket. Please write a Mail to [email protected]

@YouTuber: If your YouTube Accunt DON'T have a Business Inquiries eMail registered. We'll ignore any eMail from you.